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Contact Us Today: 724-422-4475
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Keep The Exterior Of Your Home Spotless With Soft Washing

Soft washing

Soft washing services are a great way to keep your Murrysville home's more delicate installations looking great without causing them to suffer any damage. Yes, a pressure washing may be good to get your exterior installations cleaned up, but sometimes, it provides a bit TOO much pressure for the job. That pressure can wind up damaging the following installations:

  • Cedar shake roofing
  • Wood panel siding
  • Stucco and coquina
  • Screens, screened enclosures, and lanais

When those installations need a cleaning, instead of opting for a pressure washing, you need to look into a soft wash cleaning. For quality soft wash services, look to the pros at Awesome Exteriors Pressure Washing. Our pressure washing specialists also specialize in soft wash services, so you can count on us to provide quick work and quality results when your home's delicate installations need a cleaning.

Thorough Cleaning in Little Time

You might think the reduced pressure would make a soft washing an ineffective exterior cleaning method, but that's simply not so. In fact, this method uses a combination of effective chemicals to ensure your property gets the best quality of clean.

Better still, a soft washing will provide that quality of cleaning in little time at all. So, if you're looking to get your exterior installations cleaned (without causing damage) in short time, you'll find our soft washing work to be the answer you want.

Advantages of a Soft Wash Cleaning

Not all installations are made to withstand the high-pressure from a traditional pressure washing. For those installations, you need to get a soft washing. This service uses low pressure and an effective combination of chemicals to ensure the best clean without the wear. However, soft washing offers more than minimal wear and tear. It also offers a number of other great advantages—advantages such as . . .

  • Reduced chance of damages from too much pressure
  • A cleaner end product because of effective cleaning agents
  • Lower labor cost because of no need for scaffolding

Your New Kensington Soft Wash Professionals

When you need to get soft wash work handled, you need to look to our New Kensington team a call. Whether you're looking for a roof cleaning, screen cleaning, or cleaning for any other similarly vulnerable installation, you can count on us to provide the quality of work needed to get your home looking its best once more. Call us today to schedule a soft washing with our experienced team.

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